Model 718

$2,150.00 $2,100.00

718 Tractor ONLY (Recoil)

The BCS Harvester 718 is similar to the 722, with the main differences being engine and wheel size. Powered by a Honda GX200 engine, the 718 features two working speeds in both directions and a third transport speed in rear-mount “tiller” mode. This gives the operator more options and power over model 710, while still popular as an economical choice among small-garden enthusiasts.

The 718 is equipped to handle garden plots and smaller mowing applications, but is limited in power for larger activities.

A fast transport speed to ride your tiller to the garden (requires sulky)
Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse
Anti-vibe handlebars instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side
Engine: Honda GX200
Weight: 215 lbs (with 18” tiller)
Working Speeds: 2 forward, 2 reverse
Working Wheel Speeds: 0.6 and 1.4 MPH
Transport Wheel Speed: 6.8 MPH
Standard Wheel Size: 4” x 8”
Transmission: All Gear Drive
Axle Configuration: Straight Axle
Clutch Type: Double Cone, Spring-Loaded
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The Harvester Series is designed for customers with a limited number of attachments for which they intend to use a two-wheel tractor.

Harvester Series horsepower ranges from 5.7 (Model 710) to 8 (722); and have two working speeds in both directions with a third transport speed in rear-mount “tiller” mode. Each model has a straight axle configuration, which refers to both tractor wheels turning together for constant positive traction.